Start Signing With Your Baby Today with Happy Baby Signs

Wouldn't you like to to know why your baby is crying, what your baby wants to eat, and what's your baby's favorite toy? Think about how amazing it would be for your baby – who can't verbally speak yet – to be able to ask you for a favorite toy, song, book, or even tell you where it hurts, like an earache or teething pain.

Best selling author, Bill White makes sign language easy to learn and have you laughing at every turn! Here's what's included in your Introductory Workshop:

• Fun-filled videos with games, songs, and stories that you can integrate into your everyday routines with your baby so you can start signing right away. 

• Comprehensive video and photo dictionaries of American Sign Language (ASL) signs so you can easily learn and review everything. You'll be impressed with how many signs you'll remember after taking this class!

Signing with babies jump-start your children's verbal skills, reduce frustrations for everybody, enhances a child's self-esteem, and deepens the bond between parent and child.

Meet Teacher Bill in the short video above ~