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Get started right away teaching your baby how to sign with our on-demand classes. Wouldn't you like to to know why your baby is crying, what your baby wants to eat, and which toy your baby wants? Signing with babies reduces frustration for everybody, enhances a child's self-esteem, and greatly deepens the bond between parent and child.
Best selling author, Bill White makes sign language easy to learn and will have you laughing at every turn! And it's so much more than just a sign language program. Teacher Bill includes many positive parenting tips on how to stay connected with our children as they grow up. He has a silly way of telling stories and jokes that makes each session a fun and engaging experience.
  • More than 20 signs based on American Sign Language (ASL)
  • Designed for expectant parents and parents with babies ranging in age from birth to 18 months
  • Includes the latest research on why signing with babies is so beneficial
  • Tips and tricks to encourage your baby to sign 
  • Fun activities and songs to easily integrate simple signs into your everyday routine
  • Comprehensive video and photo dictionaries of American Sign Language (ASL) signs
  •  You'll be impressed with how many signs you'll remember after taking this class!

What's Next? 

Take one of the next three series: Red, Yellow, or Blue. Learn mealtime signs, colors, animals, family signs, bedtime signs, and more! No need to take them in order. Just dive in and start learning now.

Three-Series Package

Find out what your baby wants to tell you with baby sign language and receive a BIG discount when you bundle the Red, Blue, and Yellow series together! Signing is fun, easy to learn, and gives you a window into your child's world, long before your baby can verbally speak. Teacher Bill will make it easy for you to remember the signs by including stories, games, and songs in your classes. It will blow you away what your baby has to say!

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Toddler On-Demand Video Series

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 Lorelei has so many signs now it’s hard to keep track!  Thanks so much for introducing us to this wonderful way to communicate with our daughter!

Kristen and 12 month old Lorelei  (Belmont, CA)

We took two of your courses last year when our baby, Malia, was 6-9 months old.  I just want to say that a little before her first birthday, Malia started going crazy with the sign language.  She learned all the words that we knew and we have been very very impressed. I'd guess she knows about 100 signs.  Between Malia baby signs and her speech which are both advancing, we find that we can understand her a lot better than if she just had speech or signs alone, especially as she is learning the more complicated vocalizations now.  So I can definitely see all the stuff you were talking about in class.  Thank you so much for making sign language fun and easy for us.

Marc & Rebecca Marasco and 12 month old Malia (Palo Alto, CA)

I have to tell you that the introductory course has changed our lives. My daughter was recently diagnosed with autism and has a speech delay. Since I started signing with her I have seen a huge explosion in language and she can sign for things she wants instead of getting frustrated and melting down. Hoping our 5 month old will start picking it up too.  He loves the songs with signs.

Cat Nipp and her 27 months old daughter  (Hollister, CA)

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