Blue Series On-Demand

Dive into baby sign language with our BLUE series of six baby sign language classes, learning the basics and color signs plus:

  • Bedtime Signs
  • Food Signs - Fruits
  • Playtime Signs
  • Woodland Animals
  • Vehicles
  • Ocean Animals

You’ll learn more than 100 signs in this series!

What People Are Saying:

I am having a fabulous time with Marc who still enjoys signing and is just beginning to mimic finger spelling. One of my favorite moments (ever) was when Marc, around 16 months old, put two books on the ground and started saying something excitedly that I couldn't understand. I then saw he was signing "train" in an exaggerated way, which helped me realize he was trying to say, ‘choo-choo.’ I was confused, though, because neither of the books was a train book. As soon as I said, ‘Train?’, his excitement level soared because I understood what he was saying. He then pushed the two books together along the floor, showing me that he had MADE a train. He started adding book after book to make a longer train, delighted that I figured out what he was doing. It all started, though, because I saw he was making a purposeful gesture that looked an awful lot like the sign for ‘Train.’ To this day, he loves trains, and I get to continue learning right alongside him about all different kinds of trains. I'll never forget the seeing the joy in his face when I recognized he was signing, 'train!'

Dr. Tricia Tayama and 2 year old Marc (Pediatrician, Burlingame, CA) Email provided by request.

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We have worked hard and plan to continue doing so to bring this curriculum to as many parents as possible. Because our curriculum is being offered digitally, it is easier for it to be passed around. We know that none of you would purposely steal our materials and that sending them on would only be a result of the love in your heart and a desire to share what you’ve learned.

Please honor the material you receive as copyrighted material including all art work and curriculum. We ask that you keep them to yourself, and we’re counting on you to honor the work we have put into this, the many hours and all the our passion. In other words, do not copy or forward our materials or share them. It just wouldn’t be right or honest or fair.

We know that any good that comes to you, you want to share. It’s part of who you are. We sincerely believe that this material will make it into the hands it is meant to be in at exactly the right time it’s supposed to be there. Believe that. The people who need this - the people you love - will get it too. And their journey to it will be just as important to them as yours has been to you. Don’t cheat them by short-cutting their path.

Thank you for believing in our program and for keeping these materials special.

Thanks for your support,

Bill White
Founder, Author, Teacher, Dad
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